FP1 Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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After two years away we are back in Baku!

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  1. Дэвид Фань
    Дэвид Фань
    Před 3 hodinami

    I'm really like that voice

  2. Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov
    Před 5 dny

    I like the voice of a new reporter. But it's somehow very distracting! Can not concentrate on what she's saying. And that could actually be her audio setup problem, not her voice or anything she does.

  3. Kornspeed Lopera
    Kornspeed Lopera
    Před 6 dny

    So cool a girl commenting the video 👍 that's an awesome idea

  4. Jersuey Tv & The Big Mountain
    Jersuey Tv & The Big Mountain
    Před 9 dny

    Thanks for this video, Alonso and Vettel Reestart on board? ( :

  5. Dirtkicker 92
    Dirtkicker 92
    Před 9 dny

    PEREZZZZZZZZZ YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! how’s that for a second driver performance redbull 😉

  6. Bleky Bear
    Bleky Bear
    Před 9 dny

    flying duck😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Shahadath Khan
    Shahadath Khan
    Před 9 dny

    90% of this video was just labelling who ran of the track. We get it, *drivers haven't driven around this track in a while*

  8. Hartwin Hoyer
    Hartwin Hoyer
    Před 9 dny

    The background music is amazing. What is it?

  9. Music Bro
    Music Bro
    Před 9 dny

    I wish they would not have the music in the background, just saying.

  10. Hoten Hitonokoe
    Hoten Hitonokoe
    Před 9 dny


  11. Sokuma jek
    Sokuma jek
    Před 9 dny

    I don’t know why

  12. Dušan Čičerikov
    Dušan Čičerikov
    Před 9 dny

    The voice of repporter is so annoying.

  13. Antonio Gomes
    Antonio Gomes
    Před 9 dny


  14. Пашик - Чатлах
    Пашик - Чатлах
    Před 10 dny

    Free Baku from F1, please. We are suffering.

  15. Justin
    Před 10 dny

    I don’t know what to think about her voice/talking style

  16. Angel andres Gutierrez velasquez
    Angel andres Gutierrez velasquez
    Před 10 dny

    P jk

  17. Milosz R.
    Milosz R.
    Před 10 dny

    Ferrari Master 🅱️lan WORKS!

  18. Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos
    Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos
    Před 10 dny

    '.' didn't know Alpha & Aston had F1 teams now, cool

  19. Poet Tiger
    Poet Tiger
    Před 10 dny

    Max is gonna be champion this year

  20. Ramil Babayev
    Ramil Babayev
    Před 10 dny

    Yawa Azerbaycan

  21. Victor Van Camp
    Victor Van Camp
    Před 10 dny

    Im very sorry but that commentary voice is just not appealing

  22. João Augusto Nogueira Boaventura 1L
    João Augusto Nogueira Boaventura 1L
    Před 10 dny

    aberbaijan lol

  23. Jonas
    Před 10 dny

    That voice💀

  24. Vlerke Damne
    Vlerke Damne
    Před 10 dny

    Mazepin's spin was so slow even my brother could have saved it and he only has one hand

  25. Vlerke Damne
    Vlerke Damne
    Před 10 dny

    0:54 Bottas' turn was so smooth if you watch the extended clips. Really shows difference between rookies and experienced drivers when they go off.

  26. Sgt Fubar
    Sgt Fubar
    Před 10 dny

    Haas needs a real sponsor so they can get rid of there garbage drivers

  27. Roger Wytovich
    Roger Wytovich
    Před 10 dny

    Note to drivers, gotta know how to get reverse, you should know your car like it were a musical instrument

  28. Sheeza Rai
    Sheeza Rai
    Před 10 dny

    " It was Ocon that did a pretty poor job. " - While he held up VERSTAPPEN 🤪

  29. Tec Designs
    Tec Designs
    Před 10 dny

    Seeing the video surely the flex in the Mercedes engine cover is having an effect on the air hitting the rear wing. Watching fp1 the front wing of the Renault was really flexing towards the end of the vid.

  30. Kajetan Marek
    Kajetan Marek
    Před 10 dny

    What a awful comentary voice.....

  31. Kenneth Beatbox
    Kenneth Beatbox
    Před 10 dny

    too piches commentator voice, maybe tone it down a little. otherwise great job

  32. Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas
    Před 10 dny

    Nice to see Ricardo have some pace this week!

  33. Valentin Münch
    Valentin Münch
    Před 10 dny

    And he is back - our Mazespin! 😄😂😹

  34. Shaded
    Před 10 dny

    at the end of the clip with lando and valtteri it looked like they were about to fight bc it looked so much like it

  35. Zeitlos
    Před 10 dny

    She talking to fast...

  36. Orlano
    Před 10 dny

    Hardest way

  37. ガムスユウキ
    Před 10 dny

    いつも思うけど、つのだではなくてすなうらに聞こえるはなぜ? 気のせいか

  38. Kumaressan Suppiah
    Kumaressan Suppiah
    Před 10 dny

    Sweet voice!

  39. Anar
    Před 10 dny

    calm down armenians, go and boycott your terr-oorr government first

  40. Chris Moir
    Chris Moir
    Před 10 dny

    Cant Park there sir..

  41. Raiyan Tanveer Moledina (Class of 2022)
    Raiyan Tanveer Moledina (Class of 2022)
    Před 10 dny

    Mazepin spun again 😂😂😂,,, please tell me something I don’t know...

  42. Specialto
    Před 10 dny

    That voice though...

  43. Wellborn Iangjuh
    Wellborn Iangjuh
    Před 10 dny

    Down fall of mercedes started.

  44. Boris Kusinikov
    Boris Kusinikov
    Před 10 dny

    That turn 16 is really dangerous. How many drivers have messed up there?

  45. Город знаний
    Город знаний
    Před 10 dny

    Leave our side ❗ With your formula ❗

  46. Raj Doshi
    Raj Doshi
    Před 10 dny

    I’m excited for this weekend af

  47. sebaaa
    Před 10 dny


  48. Levente Szép
    Levente Szép
    Před 10 dny

    Is an arcade game

  49. Nick
    Před 10 dny

    Are we gonna ignore the maze pin roast and hit marker sound at 1:08

  50. Hey Gwen
    Hey Gwen
    Před 10 dny

    Yaaaaasss, Max!!!!

  51. DodgingSpice
    Před 10 dny

    Love the new voice.

  52. Jillymen
    Před 10 dny

    0:06 i love the way he drift

  53. Petran
    Před 10 dny

    I really like the voice of the new narrator.

  54. mark gonsalves
    mark gonsalves
    Před 10 dny

    Is it just me or is Martin brundal sounding feminine today. Anyway i like it.

  55. Jake Heke
    Jake Heke
    Před 10 dny

    We need more stroll kerb details

  56. Shane Ward
    Shane Ward
    Před 10 dny

    I'm never going to get tired of hearing "Current championship leader Max Verstappen"

  57. depellerinluc
    Před 10 dny

    MAX FTW!!!

  58. ริน ทัดแก้ว
    ริน ทัดแก้ว
    Před 10 dny


  59. daniel yanez
    daniel yanez
    Před 10 dny

    This track seems dangerous that curve a lot of cars lock up, has there been a serious accident ?

  60. Dinakar B
    Dinakar B
    Před 10 dny

    I’m really enjoying gasly’s performance this season !

  61. Googl Reviews
    Googl Reviews
    Před 10 dny

    Monaco and now this track are worst track from racing entertainment point of view, two races I usually gladly miss and only watch highlights, that's the extend I have patience for lol

  62. Connor M.
    Connor M.
    Před 10 dny


  63. Mantra Manan Saraswat
    Mantra Manan Saraswat
    Před 10 dny

    I thought the entire video was going go to be Stroll 'bouncing off the curbs'.

  64. Revelation Five
    Revelation Five
    Před 10 dny

    i can''t believe mazepin hit the wall

  65. Bảo Hồ Trần Gia
    Bảo Hồ Trần Gia
    Před 10 dny

    The Mercs are bad on street circuits this year it would seemed

  66. vijay kumar
    vijay kumar
    Před 10 dny

    Stroll and his love towards Kerbs continues...

  67. リhir
    Před 10 dny

    I like this announcer!

  68. Angel Soliz
    Angel Soliz
    Před 10 dny

    Tenía que ser el Mazepin del 8

  69. You Don't Know Me
    You Don't Know Me
    Před 10 dny

    CMON verstapen! Would love to see him win the championship!

  70. Zadkiel862
    Před 10 dny

    MazeSpin returns!

  71. Dhruv Pansare
    Dhruv Pansare
    Před 10 dny

    Mercedes is struggling hard

  72. User Adm
    User Adm
    Před 10 dny

    take this beverly hills kid out of the mic plz

  73. Epszo
    Před 10 dny

    Mazelin spun again, nothing new there

  74. Nub Zur
    Nub Zur
    Před 10 dny


  75. Nigol T.
    Nigol T.
    Před 10 dny

    This is the BEST circuit on the calendar. So very very cool!!!

  76. wobbie
    Před 10 dny


  77. Ryan Llewellyn
    Ryan Llewellyn
    Před 10 dny

    Narrator anybody?

  78. skydy97
    Před 10 dny

    I really like the commentor's voice, but unfortunately the background rock like music in this episode is pretty annoying

  79. TheMarch4life
    Před 10 dny

    oh my yuki doing a LORD MAHAVEER

  80. Dhar Maitri
    Dhar Maitri
    Před 10 dny

    Go Checo! Podium this weekend🙏🥰

  81. Ismael Yañez
    Ismael Yañez
    Před 10 dny

    lovli voice

  82. mrpritosring
    Před 10 dny

    Never change Mazespin...never change :)

  83. PattiTalks
    Před 10 dny

    Does Alpha Tauri got Kvyat on speed dial?

  84. PattiTalks
    Před 10 dny


  85. Hashimee Ruhomutally
    Hashimee Ruhomutally
    Před 10 dny

    I’m sorry to say that max verstappen comments are getting to me. Maybe he wants the entire track to be free just for him.This is racing my friend not stroll in park you will encounter opponents at all levels of power.

  86. ShUtInPuTiN
    Před 10 dny

    Go easy on the music lol.

  87. BavarianCraft
    Před 10 dny

    Sweet voiceover

  88. Peter Schwarz
    Peter Schwarz
    Před 10 dny

    The speaker has a pretty voice. Makes the highlights even better.

  89. r3dhot88
    Před 10 dny

    WOW, the red boys are quick this year, a big step up on last year.

  90. BradKnowsAll
    Před 10 dny

    Who hired Minnie Mouse to narrate? My ears hurt now!

  91. Max Rockatansky
    Max Rockatansky
    Před 10 dny

    Whenever Max complains, I feel like Karma for what he used to do back then and never apologized or took the responsibility. What goes around comes around but some people never change.

  92. Due Pilot04
    Due Pilot04
    Před 10 dny

    I like her voice

  93. lmao l
    lmao l
    Před 10 dny

    Gasly have a chance to win in baku

  94. Sem
    Před 10 dny

    lol yuki.. still living up to his name of the most overrated driver

  95. Tanner McCage
    Tanner McCage
    Před 10 dny

    I love her voice

  96. Erik Motors
    Erik Motors
    Před 10 dny

    No offence but this girl that talks sounds too much like a sports news reporter.

  97. Hope is GONE
    Hope is GONE
    Před 10 dny

    Nice done Pierre! :D

  98. Iceman
    Před 10 dny

    I was expecting to get Strolled

  99. Nate Fox
    Nate Fox
    Před 10 dny

    Who's the narrator?

  100. ralphstefanmuller
    Před 10 dny

    That voice is not so cool...